Tips to Choose the Right Turntable Cartridge for Enjoying Music

Everyone loves music, period. All of us include different forms of music in our lives for any occasion – be it celebration or mourning. These different forms of music have given rise to various types of musical instruments that can be used for playing as well as storage. A turntable is also one of the primitive devices in the history of electro-mechanical musical instruments that produces sound through the recorded grooves. A simple turntable consists of a stylus tip that makes contact with the record for playing music. The turntable cartridge that makes direct contact with the record often degrades due to wear and tear. So, it becomes vital to change the turntable cartridge in order to enjoy music the way it is intended.

However, selecting the right turntable cartridge is can be a tedious task. So here are the top 5 things that you should really look before buying a turntable cartridge.

1. Stylus Shape: It is recommended to always choose a stylus that has the least contact radius so that it can easily track the modulations in the grooves of a turntable. Among the two common shapes of styli available in the market, the elliptical shaped stylus has a lower contact radius than the conical stylus.

2. Cantilever: A cantilever is a mechanical part that carries the vibrational energy from the stylus tip to the magnet. To ensure great music, it is recommended that the cantilever should be stiff and light as possible.

3. Trackability: It is the measurement of the effectiveness by which a stylus can track the modulated record groove over the surface of the record. Often listed in micrometers, it is advised to shop for the turntable cartridge that has the highest trackability reading.

4. Generator Type: Either the moving coil (MC) or moving magnet (MM) is installed in the turntable cartridge. However, moving magnet cartridges are the most commonly used due to the higher output and lower cost. So, it is up to the individuals which kind of turntable cartridge they are looking for.

5. Mount Type: Though most of the cartridges available in the market are of standard mounts but there are also P-mounts cartridges that are made to install on specific models. However, most of the cartridges available in the market are of standard mount. As per the specific model of your turntable, choose the desired one.

These are five crucial points that you should keep in mind to select the best turntable cartridge. You can change the turntable cartridge of your existing turntable table to restore it to a new-like condition. Explore our assorted range of turntable accessories and turntables for sale here

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